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Tama Wipaki

Profile of Tama Wipaki - Trustee

Field Officer - Pest Control and Protecting our native species.

I come from a whanau over several generations have worked and hunted the lands. I have hunted the land since a child and have intimate knowledge of the area. This enabled me to set up the Stoat Lines to protect the areas surrounding the Kiwi and Blue Duck. Seven years total experience of setting up and maintaining the Stoat Line.

I have a good working relationship with Department of Conservation and spent many visits on the land with them over the years.

My role involves organising groups to regularly work on the existing Stoat Line. There are over four hundred traps strategically placed around Maunga o Aorangi Awarua. The teams are made up of volunteers and owners who help Team Leader walk the lines checking traps and carrying out maintenance on them.

Spent five years involved with Cape Kidnappers and Operation Nest Egg. Had access to key personnel on how to gather Kiwi eggs and follow through with release after hatching and growth programme before release in to their original habitat.

I have built up a strong network of key people from various organisation to share knowledge and give insight into new or improved methods of pest control management. This sharing allows us to maximize work plans when the teams go into check the lines. This includes : Counting Whio (Blue Duck) Checking Stoat Lines around protective zones Maintaining tracks for ease of work Maintenance on huts.