David Steedman
  • Ngati Hinemanu / Ngati Paki


  • Steedman/Winiata – Hekenui

Trust Portfolio:

  • Erewhon Rural Water Scheme – Trust Rep


  • Events Manager Gretna Hotel Taihape (Current)
  • Full Time Shearer – 2000 -2015

Land Trusteeships:

  • Aorangi Awarua Land Trust 2015
Te Koau Land Trust 2011
  • Kararaina Steedman Whanau Trust

Governance Roles:

  • Whanau Sports Komiti (Chairman 2012) Life Member


  • Music, Sports, Events Management

I grew up in Taihape & spent lots of my childhood days out at Opaea & Moawhango Marae with my Grand Parents Paul & Alice Hekenui & also out at Winiata with my Steedman whanau. I went to high school in Palmerston Nth & attended Freyburg High. My first work experience was with Government  Access Courses back in  1987/88.

I have spent 20 years as a part time musician with various groups/artists. Worked with production crews ranging from outdoor & indoor concerts, theatre, schools, clubs etc.

Worked voluntary  with many community groups & Iwi / Hapu to help organise events.

Coached Rugby League at Senior level & Touch Rugby at Representative level.

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